The project “The Vourticous” was born in Torino in 2019 from an idea of BrutusVox Caroli, music producer and owner of BrutusVox Music Studios.
The band’s sound was influenced by Blues and Rock legends, but capable of sounding new and up to date. Since the birth, the power trio has
played live gigs in North of Italy and has been the opening act for Rock legends Marky Ramone (Ramones) and Chris Slade (AC/DC, David Gilmour,
Gary Moore). The first full-length album “Real and Pure” was released in 2021, recorded in an old school way and with no tricks.
The first singles from the new 2022 album by the band underline the versatility of the band, capable of expanding their proposal
while maintaining their punch-in-the-face Rock style. We are The Vourticous, We play Rock ‘n’ Roll. Line-up: Alessandro Casotti
(Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals); Carlo Caprioglio (Drums, Backing Vocals); “BrutusVox” Caroli (Guitar, Lead Vocals).